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New York

Based down under the Manhattan Bridge, in the DUMBO district of Brooklyn, The Jay Street Block Print Company is rekindling the mercantile and manufacturing tradition of this historic waterfront where bolts of fabric came in and fine, finished, Brooklyn goods rolled out more than a century ago.

Hand made in


Our goods are designed in Brooklyn and crafted in India, exquisitely detailed and richly colored, combining ancient handcrafting techniques with a decidedly modern eye. Our goods are all made using hand-carved, hand-placed printing blocks, using skills passed down through generations of artisans and supporting the “Craftmark” initiative.


The Craftmark initiative helps denote genuine Indian handicrafts, develop sector-wide minimum standards and norms for labeling a product as a handicrafts product, and increase consumer awareness of distinct handicraft traditions. Under this initiative, AIACA will license the Craftmark logo for use by Craft-based businesses, cooperatives and NGOs for use on product tickets and labels. Where viable, we craftmark our products. Some of our products are hand screened rather than block printed, with certain designs this can cut down on the rejection rate and wastage. Hand screening is not supported by craftmark but is still a craft based business. Design by design we decide which route is best for our customer and our maker.

Designed in Brooklyn

Every season our design team in Brooklyn start by gathering our inspiration together. Reviewing all the wonderful things that have inspired us on our trips in the city and in India, we work on a color story and new ideas for the coming season. We then sketch up motifs and designs for blocks and screens. These are sent out to India along with any ideas on trim and fabrics, like a big birthday package.

Made in Jaipur

In Jaipur, a Skilled Block maker hand carves the mango wood block, Hand screens are also delicately cut, both carefully tracing the designs. They 'sample' the designs, bringing them alive, and send them back to Brooklyn to review. This stage is where we see the alchemy of the two creative arms of our business coming together. We agree on our favorite colors, scales and patterns.

Hand Screening

Hand Screeners and Block printers print the patterns onto fabric down long tables, each push of the block or "pull" of the screen is different and adds dimension to the print.
Next, the cloth is cut and two to four women hand stitch the quilts, this tradition is handed down from mother to daughter. Other items will be sewn. All our textile pieces are craft mark certified and checked for flaws and made sure they are up to scratch to send off.

Ashland Duvet

The Ashland duvet takes architecturally inspired motifs and modernizes them with a bold oversized layout.

Sundara Duvet

The Sundara Duvet takes our Kerela floral motif and re-imagines it in a more graphic design. The duvet is finished with a beautiful hand-blanket stitch, adding an extra softness to the crisp, clean design.

Half Moons Duvet

Our half moons duvet block was challenging to create and pushes the limitations of what is possible in the size of the block. This elegant block is printed in four variations of indigo, giving depth to the design.

Phula Quilt

The Phula quilt takes a traditional floral motif and combines it with modern stitching.

Chita Duvet

The Chita duvet was inspired by the regal paintings from the Mughal era, depicting Emperors with their domesticated cheetahs.

Hira Duvet

The Hira duvet is inspired by the intricate diamond patterned stone cutwork that can be found throughout India.

Sales Enquiries

If you’d like to find out more about our great range of products please contact our sales team today. For a list of retailers and where to buy Jay St Block Print products click here.

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